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Operating Rules of the Ashtabula County Law Library Resources Board:
Bylaws of the Ashtabula County Law Library Resources Board [pdf format]

These rules apply to the main law library in the Ashtabula County Courthouse, the branch libraries in the Conneaut and Ashtabula City Courthouses, and the branch library in Western County Court, Geneva (collectively referred to as the “law library”).

1. The hours of operation of the law library are from Monday through Friday, at the hours for which each respective courthouse is open, and shall be open to all members of the public.

2. There shall be no charge for the use of the law library.

3. As of May 16, 2012 the withdrawal of any library material is prohibited. Any material that may leave the library shall be at the discretion of the librarian.

4. There shall be no charge for the incidental and ordinary usage of the law library copier for copying law library materials only. The librarian may charge $.25 per page for extraordinary large numbers of copied pages.

5. No food is allowed in the law library.

6. No smoking is allowed in the law library.

7. The librarian is not a research assistant; it is the responsibility of the user to conduct their own research.

8. The conference rooms in the law library in Jefferson are the only place in the law library that are to be used as a conference room.

9. Anyone found damaging or losing property of the Ashtabula County Law Resources Board shall be liable for its replacement.

10. Privileges to use the law library may be restricted or revoked by the law librarian at any time if any person is found damaging library property or violating these rules.

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